Why I had to pee with someone growing up…

The news was spreading... There are alligators in the sewers. They have climbed all the way up into our plumbing, and every time you flush the toilet or let the water run to long or use the garbage disposal there is an alligator waiting to snatch you up! My dad showed my friend and I … Continue reading Why I had to pee with someone growing up…


New tar on the road

When I was a kid my parents did not let me have video games or watch tv too long (actually I was really only allowed to watch some disney movies and veggietales). I was one of those "free-range" kids you here about in the news. After the rain came or if someone's sprinklers were running … Continue reading New tar on the road


You may have heard to word hangry before, but if you have not: HUNGRY + ANGRY = HANGRY. It is when you get so hungry you get angry. I am the worst when it comes to being hangry. I become entirely psychotic when I am deprived of food. Similar to my caffeine addiction in an … Continue reading Hangry