First time for everything!

Thank goodness I have found blogging.

I tried social media for my self expression, but this is what I learned:

1. Don’t use Facebook as a blog, your “friends” will hate you and leave you.

2. You cannot blog on twitter. 140 characters is enough to call out that girl cutting you off at the food court with her herd of children, but not enough to explain the lack of moral and ethics of cutting in line.

3. My sister’s dog is cooler than I am on Instagram. He also gets way better pictures because he is my prince.

4. I do not work for Buzzfeed so my “listicles” need a home. By the way from this point forward, all of my lists are based in the science of my brain and will be classified as true even if I am told otherwise, because I am a little shit.

So now I am here, making my own blog, trying new things. I hope you like what you read, maybe something I write will resonate with you, maybe you will actually hate what I write and try to shame and humiliate me like the lady from GoT… Either way, I am glad someone is listening (reading).

More to come soon!

❤ Court

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