My infatuation with reality TV shows…

“People who watch reality TV are brain-washed idiots.” – My mother.

Thanks, MOM. I love you too.

Fun fact about me. I love reality TV. When I say love I don’t mean that I will DVR it or watch it when it comes out on Hulu. No, I pre-order seasons of television through my Amazon Instant Video account. I do not have cable which is troublesome enough, but I will get out of bed like it is Christmas morning if I hear my email notification ring and it is Amazon telling me that my video is ready.

Growing up the only reality shows I actually knew of were Big Brother and Survivor. My entire family would sit down every Thursday and watch Survivor. It was our thing. Actually we are doing it again now as I recently bought the CBS all-access which has all the episodes of survivor ever (initially just to watch the Live-Feeds Big Brother because I am OBSESSED). My parents didn’t care for Big Brother. Evel Dick was not the example they wanted for their children. Too bad, mom and dad. I HAVE ALL THE EPISODES NOW. I could seriously become an Ian or this season’s Steve, only with cute hair and properly maintained eyebrows.

Once I got into college I fell madly in love with MTV’s The Challenge. When I say in love I mean I would cut my friends if they interrupted me while I was watching it. It is the best. It was the season where CT and Diem met that was playing on reruns in the middle of the night and I was like TRUE LOVE EXISTS. That season became the standard to which I would hold my future loves. I need a man who looks at me the way CT looked at Diem. Of course, shit got crazy between them, but there was still such strong love there that is to be admired.

Cable was part of my room and board expenses in college so one reality show quickly became all of the reality shows. Real Housewives (ATL is still the best), Basketball Wives (Jen & Evelyn!!! WHY!?!?), the Real Word (stop with all the twists. I hate them), America’s Next Top Model (new season just started!!!), Flavor of Love, & I love Bravo. I will sit down and watch Top Chef, and Real Housewives, Below Deck, Millionaire Matchmaker, whatever it is I am watching.

More recently I have gotten a small group of friends hooked on Party Down South. I don’t just mean a little hooked, I mean we get together and watch it for hours on end. We actually set up a redneck relay race for a birthday party last year that was most excellent and inspired by the show. For those of you who do not know what Party Down South it, it is a beautiful show on CMT created by the same people who brought you Jersey Shore, only this time it has rednecks instead of “Italians.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I have found shows that I really did not like (looking at you, bridal plasty, mainly because of your cast). I tried Love & Hip Hop, but I couldn’t do it… the latest seasons of the real world with the twists in them? I HATE THE TWISTS. Perfect match? BOOOOO. Teen mom? Puke. 1. I don’t have time for your nasty alien stomachs. 2. WHY!?!?!? I just hate it. MTV, get it together. I know there is a wide fan-base there, but I just don’t understand it.

If you want a truly remarkable show to watch, this is the one I have been suggesting to all of my friends: #RichKids of Beverly Hills. I adore this show. I want to find out who chose this group and give that person the biggest hug ever (and I hate hugs). This is my new favorite show of all time. It body slammed Party Down South. I actually sit around watching it over and over again because the cast is full of comic geniuses as well as #RelationshipGoals (Morgan & Brendan) #SquadGoals (THE ENTIRE CAST) #FashionFriendGoals (EJ). I have found everything I have ever wanted in reality TV in this show. Do I get jealous that I don’t have the money to buy what they have? No, the only thing I buy is food. What I do get jealous of is the time they get to spend together because they are honestly a group of friends that fights and loves like no other cast.  They laugh, have some of the best fake accents, and they celebrate each other.

Most of all, I have found someone, finally, that I can relate to on a personal level in reality TV. Morgan Stewart. She is crass, neurotic, hysterical, and loves little dogs. She holds people to high standards and hates when people are late or don’t follow plans. PLANS ARE MADE FOR A REASON, AND WHEN YOU COMMIT TO SOMETHING, DO IT. She also loves her friends with all her heart, and even when she was pissed off at one of her friends, other people still were not allowed to talk shit about her friends without her cutting them off and shutting them up (BOBBY). I love having someone like her in the public eye because she lays it all out there and really does not give a fuck if you do not like her. She is also the one who inspired me getting into blogging. Her relationship with Brendan is truly what I hope I have found in my own love life. He accepts all of the crazy she gives him, and she completely acknowledges that he is exactly what she needs and loves him unconditionally for it. They also can talk openly with each other… it is just remarkable. Their relationship has created a worldwide idea of relationship goals. Though I may never meet her, I appreciate her existence and will continue to watch #RKOBH!

WATCH #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills. Just do it, and you will find yourself in love with this show. I am personally just waiting for E! to announce the next season. WEDDING PLANNING WILL BE INVOLVED. I am so excited.

In a world being overrun with drama spun by the news and different hate groups. Take time to love yourself, appreciate your own friends and family, and watch some reality TV that makes you either feel better about yourself, makes you laugh, or helps you figure out what you want/don’t want in your life. When you go to the gym, watch Biggest Loser (you will be at the gym for 2 hours, and be motivated the whole time), when you are cooking, watch Top Chef, when you are driving, watch the road.

To folks like my mother who say reality TV dumbs you down, anything can motivate you or demotivate you. TV won’t make you stupid, only your own drive and heart can determine what you do with your life. If you want to be like Kim K, do it!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.- Brandon baruch

❤ Court

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