For your second birthday…

Happy birthday to my baby girl.

I love you so much more than you could know, and each day I hope you are growing stronger, smiling as much as possible, and that you are surrounded by love and happiness. As I started writing this, re-writing this, followed by deleting it all, I just sat and thought about what it would be like to sit and watch you blow out the candle on your cake. I wonder what you will wish for in the future. For your birthday, I am going to send you all the wishes I can muster.


I wish you the ability to find calm in the storm. Terrible things happen in life and it is so easy to get caught up in what is happening around you that you can get lost in it all. I wish for you to be able to see through all the rubble, to find that truth that grounds you, and for you to stay firmly planted and safe within yourself.

I wish you the mind capacity to always remember where you left your phone and car keys or other trinkets you need to leave the house. I cannot begin to measure the amount of time I wasted having to find things in the morning. After 27 years of life, you would think that I had learned by now, but no.

I wish you the heart of an adventurer. Never settle for just getting through life, rather take the time you have and make it all matter. See the world, spend time with people different from you, try new foods, take the stairs and feel every moment of the journey that is life. Never stop learning and wanting to learn more.


I wish you strength. Heart, mind, and body.

I also wish you vulnerability. We grow most when we are most open. Sometimes we get hurt, but the growth you can make after pain can expand your heart in ways you never knew were possible.


I wish you never feel like you are too much for people. I wish the people are you are strong and love you with their whole hearts and never attempt to make you feel like you need to be less to be with them. You are the way you were intended to be, whether it be by God, the gods, the cosmos… you are exactly who you are suppose to be.

I wish you manageable hair, not being lactose intolerant, and a love for books.

I wish you magic.

I wish you appreciation for everything the world has provided for you, and that in turn you providing as much as you can back to the world.

I wish you the courage to stand up when you see something wrong, and the understanding and patience to sit down and listen when you have done something wrong.

I wish you opportunities to fight for yourself so you learn to never take anything for granted.

I wish you ever opportunity to succeed.


I wish every amount of love on the planet for you. I wish you friendships that are long lasting filled with trust and laughter. I wish you nights where the only thing that bothers you in the number of marshmallows that fell into the fire before they made it into a s’mores. I wish you healthy and fulfilling relationships with your family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and anyone in your life.


I wish one day I will get to meet you and see all my wishes come true.



Two years later, and you still have my whole heart.
I love you, I wish you feel this love across the time and space between us.


Happy birthday to the greatest part of me.




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