My Twenty First

WOOHOO! 21! YEAH! My 21st birthday was on mother's day, so I always knew I was going to spend it with her doing something. We are extreme couponers in my house, and we actually managed to basically get a night free at a casino nearby, as well as get $40 in free play each. We … Continue reading My Twenty First


Why I need rewards to be food…

I like to think that I am a go-getter, intrinsically motivated, and bursting with a passion for life, but I know that I am lying to myself. I am actually bursting with a coffee bloat, I online shop so I do not have to go-get anything, and I am motivated purely off of my own … Continue reading Why I need rewards to be food…


You may have heard to word hangry before, but if you have not: HUNGRY + ANGRY = HANGRY. It is when you get so hungry you get angry. I am the worst when it comes to being hangry. I become entirely psychotic when I am deprived of food. Similar to my caffeine addiction in an … Continue reading Hangry