Once I puked all over my parents…

This is the first memory I have that I can still remember so I better write it down now.

When I was maybe 4 years old I was my parents’ world. I had beautiful long brown hair, I was sociable, I rarely cried, and I was able to entertain myself. I was also rarely sick, but there was this one night… one awful, terrible night.

It was the middle of the night and I remember rolling around on my bunk bed (I had a bunk bed, and no siblings, the bunk was there for my bear collection). I was feeling really sick, so I got out of bed and walked into my parents’ room.

“Mom,” I whispered. She didn’t move. “MOM.”

“HUH!? What is it?” my mom asked as she rolled over to me leaning over her face.

At first I just looked at her until she asked me again. “What’s going on?”

“I think… I think I am sick.”

My mom felt my head. “You don’t look sick.”

“Mom, I don’t feel good.”

“Go to sleep, pork chop, you’ll feel better with sleep.”

I just stared at my mom wondering why she wouldn’t help me. My parents had a giant king size waterbed that I would always play on when they weren’t around. And their blanket was the best blanket (we still have it, I think).

I was staring at her, and I started to speak again. “Mom, I don’t…” and my exorcism began.

I spewed chunks all over her and the bed and that blanket. I couldn’t stop. My dad shot out of bed as my mother screamed through the puke running across her entire being.

I was in fact quite sick. My dad picked me up by my armpits and took me out of the room with me facing forward because I was still puking. He set me in the bathroom, and when he walked back into his room I could hear him laugh at my mother. I think this was the first time my mother was mad at me. She got over it quickly though, because by the time she got in the bathroom she held my hair back and comforted me. This is saying a lot for my mom because we are both sympathetic pukers. You puke, we puke… We cannot hang with sick people.

I love my mom, and I know she loves me because she held my hair back while she was already covered in puke. She washed me, and my dad put me back in bed and asked me for a high-five. I glared at him and then fell asleep.

I still cannot believe my parents had kids after me! Actually I can, because aside from that moment I have been the perfect child. 😉

I love you, mom & dad!

❤ Court

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