People who lie on dating sites…

In the age of catfishing and being able to hide behind a screen, I am becoming more and more agitated with people who lie on online dating sites. If I am on an online dating site it is because I am looking for someone I am compatible with, and I cannot find that if people are lying to me!

I met my current boyfriend online, and I love him to pieces. We both knew we were nerds and we love watching sports. Football preseason starts next week, so we had to navigate our weekend plans to ensure we would be watching both of our teams play. This is honestly the luckiest match I have ever had online, but it came after dealing with liars and quitting the online dating world a couple of times.

When I created my profile of course I wanted to seem attractive. I had make-up on in my picture (eyeliner too, which I never wear) and I had my extensions in because I am a basic white girl, but then the next picture was me after running a 5k where I looked like a nasty, disgusting human being, but I felt good in that picture! It didn’t matter to me that my pictures could give someone whiplash. I wanted people to see me at my prettiest and at my sweatiest. I am a girl you can take on a yacht or the gym. So my profile picture is nice, but the words in my profile are all me.

I let men know that I am a freaking giant of a woman and I need a man that is taller than me. That is my one physical trait that I need. I want to feel smaller.

I go on my first date with a guy from online who said he was 6’4″ and I was like YES. Then I get to the date and what do I see? A guy who is maybe 5’10″… YOU CANNOT LIE ABOUT HEIGHT, YOU FREAKING MORON. You don’t get to just add six inches where ever you damn well please! I became irate when he introduced himself. I asked why he lied in his profile, not holding anything back, and he asked why I didn’t mention that I am shallow in my profile…


Are you kidding me?


I went ballistic on him. I called him a liar, and there were a half-dozen people in this coffee shop watching this six foot woman (in heels, no less) tower over this pathetic little man as he tried firing off insults.

I am one of those people that, if you are in the wrong, you will get checked. Needless to say, we did not have a second date.

There was never a date more hostile than that one, possibly because I stopped for years after that date.

Just don’t lie on dating sites. People are trying to find love, compatibility, someone to share their lives with, but if you start off with dishonesty, that is a really crappy foundation for a relationship.

If you are a weirdo, look for weirdos!

Nerdy? Look for nerds.

A gym rat? Find that athletic person!

Don’t sit online and say that you are constantly at the gym when really you are more interested in video games. If you like video games share your passion for them. Just be honest and forthcoming with your wants, needs, hobbies, dislikes, cat or dog person… when you are honest right away you are already establishing a solid foundation and you don’t have to change yourself for the person you are dating because they already have an idea of who you are and want you want from them.

Be yourself, and do not lie on dating apps and sites.

Moral of the story: there are six foot tall women who wear heels and will rip you a new one if you are a liar in any capacity. Be honest, tell the truth…. or else.

❤ Court

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