My first kiss…

I actually do not remember it, so I am telling you what I have been told by neighbors and school mates.

Now before you are like “woah, you don’t remember?!” you should know I was in kindergarten.

I am an aggressive woman, and I get what I want (like 75% of the time).

It was just a day on the bus, and I like the quiet, nerdy type. There was one boy on the bus that I had a crush on, and he was going to know that I was his girlfriend. I went and sat by him and told him I was his girlfriend, and he disagreed. I had to beat him up and pin him down. Then I took my first kiss by force.

I don’t know why I do not remember this, but he does and so do all of his friends. They thought it was important that I remember, so this is what I know as my first kiss now. Sorry, Zach.

I wish I actually remembered it, but I know it has to be true because I am just crazy enough for this to make complete sense to me. I got myself a boyfriend when I was five! I was just a girl who wanted a little love in her life!

Now if only I had the same confidence that little girl did I may have actually gone to a dance with a someone who I was dating. I loved going with the girls and my GBF, but I think I was cursed after that first kiss through college.

So if you have a little girl, tell her not to go around kissing people because she may not get to remember it and it may be her last!

Happy Halloween!

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