Well, I am scared…

I was recently asked in an interview what I am afraid of and it is basically everything.

  1. I am afraid of grasshoppers and other bugs that can jump and land in my hair. I hate them, they make me want to puke, and I will cry if they get stuck in my hair.
  2. Failing. My family has always driven me to succeed so each time I have to admit that I cannot do something or do something to the standards it is meant to be done I do not only get ashamed of myself, I get so pissed I freak out. It isn’t pretty… I just hate failing or feeling like a failure. Rejection. Layoffs. Etc.
  3. My own farts. There are sometimes you get choked out by them. They are literally the worst farts, and women, I know you can relate, those farts we get on our periods strike the fear of suffocation into all those around.
  4. Other people’s blood… I had a friend who had a pencil pierce his foot in my house, and I just passed out when I saw the blood squirting out. I am getting light-headed thinking about it.
  5. Cats. Not all cats, but some cats are pure evil. I am also very allergic to them, so that doesn’t help the situation.
  6. Growing old (and watching people I care about grow old). My family has a history of Alzheimer’s, so I am basically terrified because I do not want to forget, I do not want to hurt people in the process. Every time Grey’s Anatomy talks about Alzheimer’s I just become a mess. I have vowed to donate all my extra money (whenever I actually have extra money) (((AHHHH THERE IS AN ALZHEIMER’S COMMERCIAL ON))) to finding a cure to Alzheimer’s. For now, all I can do is take my vitamins and stay healthy.
  7. Tom Brady scoring a touchdown while leaving over a minute on the clock and the other team only needing one touchdown to win. Malcom Butler is the reason the Patriots won the Superbowl in February. I was screaming and cursing at the TV when he did that… I watched two Superbowls be lost to the Giants for the same freaking reason, so I nearly died from a stroke this past winter, but luckily Butler was there. I had so many happy tears.
  8. Things jumping out of nowhere. I have terrible depth perception, so when things just pop out of nowhere I can pee myself. I can watch movies like Saw where you kind of know what is happening, but those movies where you have to focus really hard only for something to move in the corner and then jump out at you… NO. JUST NO.

I am not scared of the typical things like spiders or heights, actually I love heights because of the thrill and spiders are everywhere so you have to deal with it. I have certain fears, and all my fears come from experience. I do not think that I will ever be like that girl from Divergent. Fears come and sometimes fears go, but right now this is what I am afraid of, and I think it is fitting for Halloween.

Have an awesome Halloween!

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